About us

Henry A. Lowenstein

A longtime guitar collector, musician and international trade lawyer, Henry founded the American Guitar Players Association, owned South Beach Tax Free Shops, was President and CEO of Miami Duty-Free Shops (where he was responsible for all aspects of sales and retail development), and is an owner of the Newport Guitar Festival. He was a guitarist in two folk/rock bands, as well as the guitarist for the Columbia University Jazz band as an undergraduate. Henry has served as an advisor to the Blue Book of Guitar Values for many years and has had a number of his guitars featured in the book and on the cover. As Vice President of Hill & Lowenstein Associates, and Customs Inspection Processing Services, Henry holds Federal licenses and bonds for the inspection of imported merchandise for Homeland Security, U.S. Customs, Fish and Wildlife and the Agriculture Department. He has been an international columnist on U.S. travel retail and was a contributor to both the development and passage of the Federal Duty-Free Sales Enterprises Act, and was executive Director of the Bonded Stores Dealers of America, acting as a lobbyist and industry advocate for the latter.

Henry combines a broad knowledge of international trade, retailing, and love of guitars, with a long-standing background in the purchasing, marketing and sales of luxury goods, and is involved in many aspects of the Arts. He combines his collections of both modern guitars, with a large collection of modern musical electronics and a collection of turn-of-the-century guitars. He maintains one of the largest libraries of wood identification and guitars and their construction in the South Eastern United States, and has dedicated his career to the advancement of the modern Golden Age of Guitars. He is a member of both the Guild of American Luthiers and the Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans, and maintains a collection of various lutherie tools from the turn of the century as well as modern tools. He collects modern pens, watches, and vintage guitar picks, and follows the luxury goods world and auction houses. He also is involved in environmental issues and politics, and devotes most of his legal work to probono work on behalf of individuals and companies who cannot afford to defend themselves.

Henry studied European Communities law under Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland, while a Rotary Scholar at Trinity College in Dublin, and also studied European Communities trade law at the Free University in Brussels, Belgium. As such, he has a unique understanding of cross-border trade in endangered species and the treaties that govern them and their implementation throughout the developed world.

Ronald E. Hill

Ron Hill is a former U.S. Customs officer, Sky Marshall, Vietnam War Veteran, and Customs director of both the Miami International Airport and Seaport. Ron was also Customs Port Director in the Bahamas. He is highly decorated for his work with the United Nations as a representative for the U.S. Customs Service in coordinating the Customs Services of other nations in enforcement policies related to contraband and illegal Arms shipments. He was the director of the private Summit of the Americas conference and has experience both U.S. and multi-national Customs and agricultural enforcement services. He is, with Henry Lowenstein and Eric Garcia, a subcontractor to Homeland Security, coordinating their commercial inspection procedures at the largest container Port in the South Eastern U.S. His knowledge of real world Customs procedures are critical to the RegisterGuitar.com development while his experience in coordinating international trade shows for the government and the past Newport Guitar Festivals both in Miami Beach and at the Hard Rock are of critical importance to the implementation of the first Virtual Trade Show for the music industry.

Eric L. Garcia

Now a regular fixture in the Music world from his experience as General Manager of South Beach Music and his work with past Newport Guitar Festivals, it is often overlooked that Eric was also the general manager of a large chain of duty-free shops and understands sales and marketing in both the music and luxury goods industries. Currently working in the South Beach Luxury Group’s Customs divisions as well, Eric represents the next generation of managing partners in the South Beach Group, not only handling daily operations in sales and marketing, but also overseeing hardware development for the online services division. There is no aspect of retail development that Eric has not worked in, and his creative input and relative youth insures that the South Beach Luxury Group really can offer “forever” ads with a specialty in wholesale and retail sales as well as technology of the next generation of music trends.

Eric F. Blanes and Didac S. Rodriguez

Eric heads up a team of programmers in three countries, and his ties to the European Community put him in a unique position to carry the South Beach Luxury Group’s websites to both Spanish and French speaking nations across the European Community and Central and South America. Eric’s expertise is in social media, heading up the SyrupGroup in both web design and marketing. Clarity of design and creative social marketing are key to the survival of businesses transitioning from a brick and mortar economy. It is no longer enough to have a well-designed website, and Eric specializes in taking many different industries into the world of social media. Chosen because of his expertise in cross marketing of products, Eric has headed the team that has developed all of the revised websites of the South Beach Luxury Group, and will be overseeing their online marketing and use of smart phone apps, as well as innovative interactive social program which will keep all of the Group’s websites current and on the cutting edge of social media. For this reason, Eric participates as a partner in the Group’s activities.