The oldest guitar forum in the US


The 13th Fret.com

The 13thFret.com is the oldest and most linked guitar forum in the world. It’s massive archives of guitar information, articles and discussions, date back to the early 1990’s when founder Dave Skowron was putting together a forum for guitar builders and enthusiasts in the infancy of the internet and the personal computer. These hundreds of thousands of links are now being migrated to a sophisticated social media format, GuitFest, which takes the forum to a new level of ease and sophistication, while attaching it to everything from Facebook to You-Tube to link the Newport Guitar Festival and it’s users to every aspect of the guitar, collecting, building, and playing. In beta testing, just running the 13thFret’s back office links to individual luthiers websites has jumped their traffic by as much as 26,000 hits a month.

A work in progress because of the age of its format and its massive links and data files, the “Fret” will be an invaluable part of the social media launch that will bring history and depth of knowledge and character to an unparalleled social media.