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Just as the internet dramatically changed the retailing model in the music industry in the last decade, it is now recognized that social media is having an equally dramatic impact on retail now. No business model is complete without it, yet many companies are not fully taking advantage of it. This is especially true for consumer trade shows, where one of the main purposes is to meet the individuals involved in building and designing products, and to introduce products to a broad sector of the public and receive feedback. Social media is ideal for this, and yet, until now, it has not been used. is designed to connect your company, existing, and future products to the most sophisticated social network in the industry, using a team of in-house social marketing experts.

It is no longer enough to have a website and attempt to drive traffic to it with other forms of advertising or gimmicks. Experts in social media can take a new product, and almost immediately create exponential growth in introduction, traffic, and discussion. Moreover, it can direct people to video demonstrations and to the many musicians who are users of musical merchandise, while connecting collectors and enthusiasts of all types of luxury goods in already established groups and forums.

In the most recent Newport Guitar Festival, videos and discussion groups were reporting images and impressions of the show literally within hours of the festival opening its doors, and although the festival attracted over ten thousand visitors over the three days of the festival, it attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors through social media. It was clear that the limitations of location, travel, and expense could be overcome by a virtual show capitalizing on social media.

For the past three years, the South Beach Luxury Group has been redesigning the discussion forum, building a virtual Newport Guitar Festival, and beta testing social media links between all of these sites to determine the marketing impact. The results have been remarkable, increasing traffic 20 fold for small companies in just short initial tests—without the main body of social media being developed now. The combination of the Group’s many sites, with the addition of its new Guitar Registration site and links to Facebook, Twitter, You-Tube, The Blue Book of Guitar Values, and other existing sites and social media, will literally change the way consumer trade show marketing in musical merchandise and luxury goods will work together in the coming years.

Every company with a web page and an email address now has access to world-wide social media for less than the price of one magazine ad—with no recurring costs or fees, and the ability to announce and change products from a laptop or smart phone app.