The Virtual Show That Will Change The Way You do Business


The Newport Guitar Festival is going to change the way you do business forever. Not only will it display and sell guitars and accessories, but it will be the center of a social media link for the most popular musical instrument in the world. In short, the Newport Guitar Festival and its linked group of websites is based on the well-established principal that people who buy, collect and play guitars, also buy everything from fine watches, pens, fragrances and beverages, to sports cars and yachts.
It is the first time that an established “brick and mortar” show will break the restraints of time and location, allowing everyone to access the excitement of the show 24/7, while allowing manufactures and advertisers the opportunity to instantly update their “virtual tables” and advertisements from a computer or the click of a smart phone.

For many years now, companies have used guitars in advertising to attract attention to another product, create excitement, or conjure a musical or cultural context. Now, for the first time, a major show is taking that concept a step further by making the guitar show the center of merchandising, sales and advertising, while still serving its primary purpose of displaying and demonstrating many of the finest guitars and accessories in the world, and providing direct contact to the people behind those products.
Linked with the Blue Book of Guitar Values, sophisticated social media, environmental and ownership registration, and the world’s oldest archives of guitar forum article discussions, South Beach Luxury Group is going to change the way Guitars and the luxury goods industry interact to the benefit of both.